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  • Application Modernization

    "A successful application modernization project yields applications and skills that can adapt to changing requirements and technology as they evolve."

    Our modernization strategies, methodologies, techniques and tools enable us to transform your legacy systems to keep pace with evolving business and technology requirements.

    Astograph works with each customer to explore different architecture and design possibilities and select the option best suited to meet the requirements and objectives of the enterprise.

    Our team of experts can modernize all of the architectural layers of your legacy systems, including presentation layers, business logic, databases and data. We can migrate your mainframe applications to distributed, client/server or Web-enabled systems, re-architect business logic as a set of reusable components, assist you in moving from one mainframe system or database to another, and seamlessly integrate package solutions with your legacy systems.

    Astograph Application Modernization offering includes the following:

    • Web Migration
    • Database Migration
    • Platform Migration
    • Mainframe and ERP Conversion
    • Wireless enabling of Processes
    • Re-engineering Client-Server Applications

    Web-Enabling Your Legacy Systems

    • Re-engineering legacy systems into reusable components
    • Redesigning legacy user interfaces into Web-based graphical user interfaces
    • Accessing legacy transactions and integrating them with Web-based solutions
    • Employing messaging and integration brokers to link legacy and Web-based architectures
    • Accessing legacy databases for use in Web-based applications
    Customer Benefits:
    • Reduced Maintenance Overhead
    • Platform Independence
    • Enhanced Performance
    • Lower Operating Costs
    • Access to New Technology
    • Distributed Application Deployment
    • Easier Maintenance
    • Better Connectivity