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    Astograph, Inc?s primary line of business includes services such as Software development, training and consulting, Software products, e-business solutions and IT & Management consulting.

    Some of our Products are listed below.


    In the fast-moving business environment, information - and the ability to put it to work - is key to establishing a competitive advantage. An integrated business information system addresses your business processes by establishing a seamless, global network of information, allowing you to make informed, for reaching decisions with confidence.

    WISE offers you such an information system - the WISE solution. Based on the worldwide leading business management standard of the WISE, the WISE solution helps you control costs, increase profits, and streamline operations. Behind the scenes, the WISE system seamlessly links a complex array of strategic business processes into a logical flow, allowing your organization to be extremely efficient, while satisfying customer expectations. This gives you what you are really looking for in an information system - a solid and swift return on your investment.


    Total cost of ownership (TCO) is an awareness of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) cost drivers, and a process for reducing these costs to the lowest levels consistent with an effective and productive organization. WISE can help you understand the full scope of these costs through the entire life cycle of your ERP system - it is a holistic approach to ERP costs that avoids the traps of piecemeal data and hidden costs.

    WISE is committed to help its customers run their WISE solution with lowest cost of ownership (LCO) over the systems' entire life cycle. WISE supports this, helping you trim costs with a wide array of best practice tools and services and avoids costs due to seamless integration.

    WISE can help you assess the feasibility of your project's cost and define the total cost of ownership before you make a purchase decision, so you know up front that your project's benefits (including strategic benefits) will outweigh the total cost of ownership.
    • WISE Return on Investment
    • Improved customer responsiveness
    • Strengthened supply chain partnerships
    • Enhanced Organizational flexibility
    • Improved decision-making capabilities
    • Reduced time-to-market
    Maximize your ROI with WISE:
    • Production Planning
    • Improved utilization of all plant resources
    • Reduced cost to facilitate "green chemistry", with environmental and safety emphasis
    • Improved basis for Continuous Business Engineering
    • Improved labeling, documentation, holding, storage and employee access to safety information
    • Increased plant throughout and minimized downtime through synchronized plant scheduling
    • Improved on-time deliveries, reduced cycle time, and enhanced availability of critical resources
    Sales & Distribution:
    • Increased flexibility to configure customer specific business processes using the WISE business model
    • More timely and accurate delivery cost quotations at time of order which facilities fair pricing and maintains your competitive advantage
    • Automated distribution of material safety data sheets (MSDS) to internal and external customers
    • Improved customer service and "on-time" deliveries
    • Enhanced management of transportation resources
    Financial Management:
    • Increased inventory turns
    • ecreased transportation costs
    • Improved utilization of capital equipment and assets

    We provide those solutions. WISE offers your company unique capabilities that give you operational and strategic flexibility and a competitive edge.

    By supporting the targeted planning and control of costs and resources, our applications streamline your procedures and make your corporate processes more transparent. WISE components can make a major difference in meeting the challenges created by the changing dynamics of the chemical industry. The continuous evolution of the WISE solution is driven by changes within the industry and our commitment to be the best. It is engineered for success - from the ground up.

    WISE is not only a fully integrated, enterprise-wide solution - It enables a competitive advantage as well. In an ever-changing industry, with WISE you are more responsive, more flexible, more competitive, and more profitable. The winds of change create questions and opportunities. WISE can help you find answers to the questions - and seize the opportunities.
    • Leader in Client/Server business software
    • State-of-the art engineering
    • Modular, Scaleable, and flexible
    • Integrated business processes
    • Global operation
    • Help Desk 24-hours-a-day, 7 days a week
    • Comprehensive suite of services, including training, Online Service System (OSS)
    • Experienced industry consultants

    Restaurant Management System (RMS)

    RMS is a Simple and Cost Effective Way to manage a Restaurant Billing System. It is an easy way to manage Billing system. As per this system, the customers are given a computerized bill and Customers can create the creditors account in the restaurant. The software allows the Client to Customize the Restaurant according to his settings. So in short this is a package developed for the clients totally customized to get solution for the daily activities in Restaurant Management.

    The Features of RMS are:
    • The menu is classified as Categories and Items along with the prices
    • Classification of Orders as Table Orders and Take-Aways
    • Allows separate printing of Orders to the Kitchen and the Customers respectively
    • Easy customization as per the number of the tables in the Restaurant and the VAT Amount
    • Creditors' Accounts are maintained efficiently
    • Analysis can be done on the collections per table
    • Sales Collection can be viewed daily/ monthly/yearly
    • Human Resource Management System(HRMS)
    Human Resource Departments choosing Broadlight, Inc?s HRMS as their Human Resource Management Solution will achieve high levels of automation and information sharing, gaining strategic advantage in years to come.

    HRMS is a comprehensive Human Resource Management System that extends the reach of Human Resource information throughout the organization. HRMS facilitates the decision making process and the efficient completion of administrative tasks.

    Governed by role-based security, HRMS is the perfect solution for organizations with multiple, remote or international locations. Forms, data views and tables can be modified and implemented in hours rather than months. Complex business rules can be managed with moderate programming knowledge. HRMS is designed keeping in mind the database back-end products including Microsoft SQL-Server and Oracle.

    For the HR Department ? HRMS provides a full featured solution that reduces administrative overhead, increases productivity and positions Human Resources as a more effective organization resource.

    For Employees ? HRMS is useful in providing various details about an employee?s leave details, his dues from the company and about various benefits.

    For Managers ? HRMS provides direct access to view, submit and report employee information to meet operational objectives. For the Organization ? HRMS provides the capability to share organization resource information on a timely basis to attain competitive advantage.

    Inventory Management System (IMS)

    The IMS takes care of the inventory operations of the whole organization - with all factors like multiple warehouses at different geographically located sites, multiple factories etc. A single entity is presented to the user to track the various raw materials. The ability to interface with data capture equipments like Barcode Reader is available which enables the data entry.

    The details regarding the fabrics are stored in detail to the extent that information on each individual can also be recorded if necessary.

    The Key features:
    • Classification of Stock based on the type of Item
    • Maintaining Supplier information and items supplied
    • Preparing Purchase Orders and Goods Received Notes
    • Stock Entry and Price fixing
    • Barcode Generation and Printing
    • Maintaining Geographical location of Stock
    • Daily/ Monthly/Yearly Sales Collections
    • Maintaining Details of Customers and their types (Retailer, Distributor, General etc)
    • Current Stock can be viewed at any time based on the classification
    Analysis can be done on the following aspects:
    • Bin wise Stock
    • Branch-wise
    • Product wise
    • Quality wise
    • Order/Lot wise issues, receipts & returns
    • Dead Stock
    • Inter-company transfers
    • Buyer wise Stock
    • Goods Inward Pending QC
    • Supplier Rating
    • Branch-wise and Item-wise Profit Analysis
    • Existing vs Sold items

    Financial Accounting System (FAS)

    FAS covers the entire front and back office operations of any commercial segment. It generates customized MIS. Using n-Tier architecture, the Ac-counting System is a future-proof, economical, user-friendly solution using contemporary technology.

    Some of the features are:
    • Accounts Opening & Closing
    • Easy to view in a logical tree format
    • Modification of Account details
    • Enquiry about account balance
    • Statement of Account
    • Supports all types of transactions viz. Cash, Bank and Journals
    • Voucher Modifications allowed to authorized persons
    • Easy to view Cash and Bank Book for specific periods, defined by the user
    • Individual Ledgers can be viewed for specific periods at any time
    • Complete drill down facility from trial balance to individual receipts / payments
    • Trial Balance, P & L Account and Balance Sheet can be viewed at any time
    • MIS & Report Generation
    • Bank Reconciliation in an easy graphical manner

    Lease Management System (LMS)

    LMS is an Enterprise Information Portal for Leasing Organizations.

    LMS takes care of end-to-end flow of Business Documents within the organization. Starting from the receiving an application from a customer, to the In-Process of Application, to the approval of Application, the Generation of relevant Documents, and finally generation of relevant Financial Documents, LMS ensures a hassle free day to day operation.

    The application suite comprises of the modules:
    • Administration
    • Human Resources
    • Leasing
    • Finance
    The main Features in this Software are:
    • Receiving Lease applications from customers
    • Calculation of Residual value, Monthly Payment
    • Maintaining Customers in Different States (In-Process, Approved, Rejected)
    • Generation of Various documents like Lease Agreement, Standing Order...
    • Maintaining Insurance Details
    • Preparing Amortization Schedule
    • Processing of Payments
    • Monitoring of Payments
    • Generation of Reminder Letters
    • Generation of Insurance Expiry Letters
    • Early Repayments
    • Generation of Accounting documents and posting to Financial Module

    Educational Management System (EMS)

    This system is aimed at institutions seeking an Educational Management System (EMS) to effectively maintain it?s administrative and academic details and reduces the operational & maintenance costs of information management drastically.

    The application suite comprises of the modules:
    • Administration & Security
    • Personnel
    • Students
    • Examination
    • Time-Table
    • Library
    • Accounts
    Outstanding features of the application suite:
    • An integrated database for total administration
    • Individual user account access & administration features
    • Maintaining Grade-wise Faculty details, Subjects taught and Assigning Departments
    • Categorization of Employees Paid by PSSA and Manager
    • Generating Timetable of Teachers & Students and Allocation of Classes
    • Maintaining Retired Employees Details and Termination Details
    • Maintaining Student Database including Personal, Guardian, Previous School Details and Medical History
    • Storing Fee Particulars, Transportation Details of Students and Subjects Allocation
    • Attendance Record, Conduct and Participation in Extracurricular activities of Students
    • Examination details right from Assessments and Terms to Final Examination
    • Student Ranks, Annual Report and Student Promotion details are generated instantly
    • Library Membership of Teachers and Students
    • Maintaining Record of books issued, returned, lost as well as books overdue
    • Monitoring of Fees Collection and School Funds through Accounts Module